About our shop

A family run business since the 1970's in the heart of London.

If it’s not the best it can be then its not finished yet.

Since we established in London in the 80’s our customers have seen how far above the competition the quality of our products and services are and we have build strong relationships that have endured years. Our shop in Brick Lane, represents the culmination of decades of training, sweat and passion that goes into every article of clothing or leather bag that we make. My uncle Mohammed Yusuf Nagory, started the business in the 70’s making jeans and selling them at market and from there we have make leaps and bounds.

“Across the road in the compact corner shop packed with glistening leather, Open Space, 200 Brick Lane, Mohammed Kamran was resolutely cheerful, explaining that his uncle Mohammed Yusuf Nagory started the business, making leather jeans and selling them at Kensington Market in the seventies. Moving to Brick Lane in the eighties, he started a factory with twenty-five people in Cheshire St which his nephew joined at fifteen years old. Today, as a smaller business they are sustained by loyal customers and have recently made costumes for Harry Potter and the West End theatre. Astonishingly, you can buy a handmade leather jacket there for as little as thirty-five pounds.” – Spitalfield Life Source